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LeStancia N. Spaght


LeStancia N. Spaght

"Under my administration, my primary goal was to move the chapter forward.”


The chapter established a Donor Restricted Fund with the Delta Research and Educational Foundation, which allowed us to accept tax-deductible contributions as well as apply for grants. The chapter has been fortunate to be the recipient of several grants totaling $12,500, which have helped continue efforts in the community.

TCMDAC developed a one-year strategic partnership with Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School for Sorority Year 2019-2020. A food pantry was established and supported by chapter members who donated over 1,800 pounds of nonperishable food items.

Vision 22 Campaign was launched to raise funds for chapter scholarships to be awarded in May 2021. Through the generous contributions of 57 chapter members, we raised $12,630!

Led the chapter through its largest membership growth from 71 members to 165 members.

Successfully conducted the chapter’s inaugural membership intake process; resulting in the initiation of 29 new members known as the Inaugural Rise of the Crimson 29 (iROC29).


• Program, Planning & Development, Exemplary Delta GEMS Program (2017)
• March of Dimes, Top 10 Regional Fundraising Team (No. 2 Team) (2017)
• Eastern Region Small Alumnae Chapter of the Year (2018)
• Dr. Doris J. Cammack-Spencer Co-Founder Award for Community Excellence Award for Delta GEMS Calvert County (2019)
• Eastern Region First in Technology Digi Diva Award (2019)

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