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Through its International Awareness and Involvement (IAI) programmatic thrust, Delta Sigma

Theta harnesses its vast potential to impact strategically the plight of people living across the

diaspora. International Awareness and Involvement will continue to move forward in this 21st

Century by strengthening our Awareness and Involvement in Africa and Haiti.


TCMDAC IAI Committee is committed to creating partnerships, preferably with organizations

within our service area, to assist in bringing awareness to the community regarding international

challenges of people living across the diaspora. Partnerships assist the chapter with staying

informed regarding challenges people around the world are experiencing and it will increase the

number of people we can inspire to donate their time and resources towards assisting

underprivileged countries.


World Aids Day Event

TCMDAC commemorates World AIDs Day annually by partnering with an organization and/or health department in Southern Maryland to bring awareness to the community by providing literature, hosting discussion panels that consist of healthcare workers and/or individuals living with HIV/AIDs, as well as free HIV/AIDs testing for members of the community.


International Sustainability Plan

TCMDAC annually donates to headquarters to support Delta Sigma Theta’s 7 international projects. In addition to supporting the International Sustainability Plan, we will specifically raise money to support one of the seven projects each year. We will ask for chapter sorors to donate funds for this project.


International Cooking Competition

A fun event that allows the IAI committee to create an ongoing partnership with a non-profit organization in Southern Maryland. We have one member from each organization create a dish and have judges from both organizations critique the dishes. The winner will bring home the trophy and prize for their organization. Each year a new organization competes against TCMDAC in hopes of connecting with members of the community, spreading awareness, and raising funds for our international projects.


Embassy Tour

Annually the IAI committee invites sorors to join us in a private embassy tour in Washington DC. Each year we visit a different country. Sorors will sign up to meet in DC for an afternoon embassy tour followed by a fellowship lunch at a nearby restaurant to discuss the culture we experienced.

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